The Pros and Cons of Using Virtual Deal Rooms

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Virtual deal rooms: it is often necessary to use a pair of reverse proxies for each application, they do overwrite and sometimes do some pre-authentication.

What Does It Cost to Create a Virtual Deal Room?

It should be noted that the development of new virtual deal rooms and corporate portals for the needs of one organization “from scratch” is an expensive procedure. The market is full of various ready-made flexible solutions that can be modified to suit the needs of the company. There are two ways to develop systems, either by using the services of companies specializing in changing ready-made solutions for the needs of companies or by using open source programs and customizing the work with the help of in-house programmers. 

If the organization has a staff of programmers who can write the code of the information system on their own without hiring third-party organizations, then it is worth paying attention to the fact that the current tasks performed by employees on a daily basis will not disappear. We’ll have to find solutions. It is necessary to either reduce the current tasks until the system is launched, or hire additional employees to help solve the problems or wait until employees can write the program to perform the current tasks. In any of these cases, it is necessary to carefully calculate the economics of the project and choose a more suitable solution. 

Do not forget about the risks, both financial and emotional, and that for the period of long development the tasks set for virtual deal rooms may become outdated, then there will be a need to refine the project, otherwise the final finished information system will become useless. Today the market offers a wide variety of ready-made solutions and their flexible customization to the individual needs of the customer. The competitive environment influenced the formation of the optimal cost for software products. 

The Virtual Deal Room Comparison

To better understand the concepts of virtual deal rooms, take a look at virtual data room comparison. The market offers several platforms for placing an information system, including virtual deal platforms. A deal room  is a solution in which all data is stored on the server of the developer’s company. It has the next advantages:

  1. The out-of-the-box solution stores data on the organization’s servers. 
  2. The advantage of the box platform is that the company buys the final solution for its own use. 
  3. The system can be configured by the company, using access to the back-end of the program, the storage is limited only by the capabilities of the organization’s equipment.
  4. The effectiveness of the application of the virtual deal room strategy in the service sector (telecommunications, finance, etc.) is especially noticeable, where companies depend not so much on the quality of the products or services themselves (most of them are able to maintain quality at the highest level), but on the perfection of the mechanisms of interaction between the company and its clients.

Among the main disadvantages are:

  1. Now it is the providers of services and goods that adapt to the most convenient ways of communication for the client.
  2. Diversification of channels for working with the consumer, because any excess of the psychologically verified norm of pressure on the consumer through one channel only reduces the effectiveness of interaction with him. 
  3. The consumer has become the focus of all efforts of manufacturers, and their satisfaction with the relationship with the supplier is a key factor in the company’s success.