School of commercial property management, which starts November 12, 2018. The training program, designed for six months, is designed to raise the level of competence of professionals working in the field of development in matters of commercial real estate management. The launch of the School was initiated by the Canadian Real Estate Club real estate business association.

The training course of the Commercial Real Estate Management School is built on the principles of international business programs that experts have adapted to the goals and objectives of the School. It is a mix of system courses and practical classes, where each participant will be tied to a specific project within six months.

The following areas are envisaged within the framework of the educational program of the School of Commercial Real Estate Management: legal; marketing; brokerage; exploitation and innovation; market analytics and development. Topics that are included in the course of study: the development of managerial vision; legal aspects of the activities of each department; communication strategy with key clients and business ethics; marketing and market analysis; technical aspects of successful and efficient operation of shopping and entertainment centers and office centers and others.

Among the participants of the presentation were the creators of the course, future school students and industry representatives, including mentors, leading top managers of commercial real estate companies.

“The School of Commercial Real Estate Management is a unique innovative project created in response to a market demand. Competent, harmonious combination of theory and practice, the joint work of scientists and teachers of higher education and professionals from the real sector is a collaboration that is doomed to success, ”the URE Club said in a statement.